Welkom bij Copyright Control: Agent voor componisten, producers, studio’s en artiesten

Wij leveren diverse diensten zoals:

  • juridisch advies ¬†
  • administratie¬†
  • muziekuitgeverij / music publishing
  • songpitching
  • music clearances
  • copyright chasing in binnen- en buitenland
  • royalty checks

Copyright en Music Consultancy:

  • voor componisten en tekstschrijvers
  • artiesten
  • Filmproducenten
  • TV producenten
  • TV omroepen
  • Multi Media producenten
  • Reclamebureau’s

Our services:

  • Legal advice
  • Administration of copyrights
  • Music Publishing
  • Song pitching
  • Music clearances for Feature Films and Commercials
  • Synch Agent for copyrightholders
  • Copyright chasing
  • Royalty checks of statements
  • Contract screening
  • Plagiarism cases
  • Read more about we can do in English,


‘Copyright Control’ as mentioned by PRS, MCPS, ASCAP, BMI, Harry Fox or on a CD inlay or on sheet music means: Publishers name is unknown, or (most probably): the song or one of the writers has no publisher.

We have no share in these copyrights and you should contact the writers directly for their share or contact your Copyright Society and ask them how you should proceed.

For more information see also: http://www.discogs.com/label/Copyright+Control

Voor advies en begeleiding op maat, neem vrijblijvend contact op via email met Copyright Control door hier te clicken.